Theme films for conversation with expectant and new parents kopi

There are three theme films in Stine Sofie Foreldrepakke - one belonging to the pregnancy, one belonging to the time in the hospital, and one belonging to the first toddler period. The films are made as an aid in the conversation between health professionals and parents, and in addition to explaining, the films ask a number of questions that can be used in the conversation.

Before birth: Think and talk!

In the hospital: Crying and comforting

Home after birth: Brain-building and relationships


The information on this page is part of Stine Sofie Foreldrepakke - an information program for all expectant and new parents. The foundation of the parenting package is 10 smart tips. You can find the tips and other material at

The content of Stine Sofie Foreldrepakke is also in the Health Overview app. There, pregnant women and parents of young children will also find other important and correct health advice.